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Your Association Audit

Condo Association Audit

Your Condo association needs an audit.  More importantly, you really want one.

An Audit is all about ensuring management is honest.  What you never want to find out is that your association's money is not being spent according to you plan.  And holding your community management accountable to your plan is the essence of the independent CPA audit.

C.OR.E.'s audit process is designed to ensure that management's spending is responsible and within your budget.  We work hard to ensure that special assessments are accounted for accurately and that money is being collected and posted responsibly.

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Always Focused on Strong Financial Controls

We appreciate that condo  association board members volunteer many hours of service on behalf of their Association.  This is why we believe strongly in ensuring the manager puts strong, effective controls in place - to protect the Association's assets.  

Our audits of the association's financial statements evaluate the board's approval process of bills and the manager's control over the receipt of money and payment of bills.  While we are willing to assist your management get it right,  at the end of the day our job is to hold management accountable.  At the end of every engagement we share our findings with you, the board, so you can work with management on ways to protect assets and ensure that money is spent wisely and on board approved activities.  You can count on our audit teams' focus on objectivity, independence, and expertise in condo auditing to provide you with effective guidance to help you in your oversight role.

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C.O.R.E.'s Acclarit Management

While our team has performed hundreds of audits on Associations in Oregon and Washington, sometimes you need expert advice instead of an audit. Which is why we launched Acclarit Community Association Management.  Our Acclarit service is ideal for self-managed associations where you want dedicated experts managing your accounting and finances.  We handle everything the back-end and help you coordinate and manage your team.

Our expertise is not just on accounting and financial reporting.   One of the principals co-authored a book on HOA management.  We’ve distilled what works, and we can provide an invaluable perspective regardless of how your Association is managed. 

Getting accurate accounting done right the first time should not be challenging.  We can help you and your community management understand how to safeguard assets and provide effective financial reports for the board.

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