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We are excited to announced that C.O.R.E. Accounting has been spun-off from Currie & McLain CPA's.

Your Association Audit

Condo Association Audit

Your Condo association needs an audit.

But finding an independent CPA who is willing to perform an audit can be challenging today as most CPA's have gotten out of audits and reviews and focus predominantly on taxes.  Those firms that do perform association audits appear expensive, don't finish timely, or never seem to question management.

Your bylaws and possibly even state law may require an association audit by an independent CPA.  You want a reputable CPA who is focused on audits and the unique requirements of condo and HOA financial statements. 

Keeping your condo or HOA in compliance by having an association audit should not be expensive or challenging.  C.O.R.E. is a Vancouver Washington based CPA firm that performs association audits primarily in the Portland Oregon area and Seattle Washington.  We focus on providing fairly priced, high quality association audits with fast turnaround so your owners can have peace of mind and you can feel comfortable relying upon your manager.

C.O.R.E. specializes in homeowner association and condominium association audits.  We know how important it is for the board to know that the money is accounted for and our goal is to help you rely on those who manage your association's money.


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Expertise in Homeowner Association Auditng Accounting

Our team has performed audit, tax and consulting services for over 100 Condo and Homeowner Associations in Oregon and Washington. We have designed effective control systems for some of the largest Associations in the United States and one of the principals co-authored a book on HOA management.  We’ve distilled what works, and we can provide an invaluable perspective regardless of how your Association is managed. 

Strengthening Financial Controls

We appreciate that condo and homeowner association board members volunteer many hours of service on behalf of their Association.  This is why we believe strongly in working with the manager to put strong, effective controls in place - to protect the Association's assets.  

Our audits of the association's financial statements evaluate the board's approval process of bills and the manager's control over the receipt of money and payment of bills.  We want to work with your manager to ensure a strong, effective control system is in place to safeguard the associations assets.


We offer virtual and group seminars where directors can learn more about the association audit process and about directing an association. Sign up to hear from us about specials, sales, and events.

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