2019 is here. Are you prepared for ASC 606?

GAAP has changed for condo associations. Your 2019 financial statements need to meet the new ASC 606 standards. We can help

Three Questions for your condo audit

Is There a Risk Something is Wrong?

Almost daily you hear stories about associations where money is missing.  These association's almost universally accepted one thing:

The Status Quo

Are you certain management has appropriate controls in place over your condo association assets?  Does your treasurer have the ability to move money without anyone else knowing?

An audit performed by C.O.R.E. will focus on identifying those areas where there is a significant risk that something could go wrong and cost you money.  C.O.R.E. not only turns over the stones, we check what's underneath to ensure that your association's money is working for you, not someone else.

Learn More About C.O.R.E.'s Risk Assessment Process

Why Choose C.O.R.E. for your Audit?

We appreciate that condo  association board members volunteer many hours of service on behalf of their Association.  This is why we believe strongly in ensuring the manager puts strong, effective controls in place - to protect the Association's assets.  

Our audits of the association's financial statements evaluate the board's approval process of bills and the manager's control over the receipt of money and payment of bills.  While we are willing to assist your management get it right,  at the end of the day our job is to hold management accountable.  At the end of every engagement we share our findings with you, the board, so you can work with management on ways to protect assets and ensure that money is spent wisely and on board approved activities.  You can count on our audit teams' focus on objectivity, independence, and expertise in condo auditing to provide you with effective guidance to help you in your oversight role.

Click the link below to learn more about strong financial controls and how they can help safeguard community assets.

Learn More About Strong Internal Controls

Why Start the Audit Process Now?

Your Condo association needs an audit.  More importantly, you really want one.  You take your role as a director seriously and want to work with a CPA firm that specializes in condo audits.

Starting the CPA search now takes the pressure off of trying to do it at year-end.  We understand that between November 15 and December 31 there are lots of things going on that demand your attention.  Requesting proposals and interviewing firms before November 15 ensures you can dedicate the time and energy to this important step.

Remember, an Audit is all about ensuring management is honest.  What you never want to find out is that your association's money is not being spent according to your plan.  And holding your community management accountable to your plan is the essence of the independent CPA audit.

Are you ready to start the proposal process with a CPA firm dedicated to condo audits?  Click the link below to learn more about the C.O.R.E. approach to providing audit services as your independent CPA.

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