Trusted Financial Management for Condominium and Homeowner Associations

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In condominium financial management today you need a team member who is always ready to help the treasurers and owners identify priorities and get the work done.

You need a team focused on answering the call to help maximize the value and utility of the property. C.O.R.E. delivers industry-setting responsiveness to your condo’s financial needs.


As a condo board, you need someone who is focused on the condominium and Association, not themselves. C.O.R.E. brings its accounting-based ethics to everything we do.

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The owners and condo board need to trust that condo management’s financial decisions are fair and in line with the condominium’s declaration. You need someone who takes the time to read and understand what your CC&R’s say and mean so that you can have a healthy and happy community and will own the problem so it can get solved effectively. C.O.R.E. is always focused on your Association’s financial documents.


Decisions made by the condo board are often difficult as the decisions are often about spending money – money which must come from the owners through dues and assessments. The board needs to know that condo financial management is dedicated to the best interest of the condominium and the Association.  C.O.R.E.’s background in accounting and finance help ensure that Association funds are always secure.


As a condo board, you want to minimize your time investment while maximizing your effectiveness. C.O.R.E. believes in strong process controls to keep your assets safe.

Results Oriented

As a condo board and as owners, you want to know that your dues and assessments are being invested effectively in your community. You need condominium financial management which is dedicated to providing you effective reporting to support your board duties and sharing information with owners.

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Accounting and Financial Services We Specialize In:

John and Doug had a vision, to offer condominium and homeowner associations a service dedicated to fraud detection and elimination. Their years of practice has provided far too many examples of poor behavior and outright actions which were detrimental to associations.

Financial Statements

ACH Dues Processing

Association Tax Preparation

Reserve Fund Reporting

Control Procedures

Check Collection Processing

Vendor Payment Processing

Budget Preparation

Board Support and Consulting

PO Box Setup

Mail Collection Services

Accounts Receivable

Nationwide Reach

Whether you live in the California sun or you are enjoying the hustle and bustle of New York, C.O.R.E. has your condo associations accounting needs covered. We are confident we meet the ever changing needs of our clients no matter the community you call home.

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We are the answer to your condo associations accounting needs. Whether your immediate concerns involve taxes, payroll, bookkeeping or audits, it is worth your while to seek the services of C.O.R.E.


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