Our Approach for Condominium Accounting in Portland Oregon

Portland Association Audit process

Preparing for the Association Audit

You require an audit.  

It is in your bylaws and maybe even spelled out in state law.  But have you stopped to consider what you are actually getting when your accounting records are audited?  Does the independent certified public accountant constantly ask questions that no one knows the answer to or asks for documents that no one can find?  C.O.R.E. Services may have the right solution for you.

We know audits but also know the accounting and financial management process that you rely upon to keep the association's bills paid and assessments flowing in.  Our accounting management ensures that the board is involved in the decisions while providing you access to your association documents and statements.

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Accounting and Treasury

We are often asked if we can provide Condominium Accounting in Portland as well as Treasury services on behalf of Associations.

The answer is often "Yes".  

Our Association accounting in Portland can be provided directly to the association or through the manager who wants to partner with a firm that is focused on accounting and finance control.

Our Association Treasury team is always led by a principal of the firm.  Treasury is responsible for ensuring that funds are always accounted for and that operating expenses are paid timely and correctly.  Treasury works with the Associations treasurer and board to ensure that special or reserve activities are funded and paid timely and correctly.  

To reduce cost and ensure seamless transparency, C.O.R.E. has partnered with Key Bank to provide banking services to all C.O.R.E. Association clients.  Board members receive access to their Association’s banking system as part of our service.  No member of the Treasury department can enter, modify or delete transactions in the accounting system.

Internal Audit

There are times when a traditional financial statement audit won't provide the information the board needs.  In these moments, your C.O.R.E. team works with the board, the manager and other stakeholders to verify the integrity of the process and recommend changes to enhance the security of Association assets.

The Internal Audit team reviews and verifies transactions to ensure compliance with Association requirements and policies.  The focus is on testing compliance and finding the most effective and efficient way to process transactions while protecting the Association's resources.