C.O.R.E. Vision


We believe that managers should be fully transparent with their Associations and design workflow and processes to provide accurate, timely information.


All systems should be built around workflow processes and these processes should be automated and structured to reduce cost, complexity and risk.


The workflow is automated and creates an audit trail which allows any member of the board to see where a transaction is, who processed it and who approved it – all in real-time.


All supporting documents should be stored in a manner which allows unrestricted access by authorized parties.  This approach allows everyone to view vital information whenever and wherever is convenient.  

Serving You

C.O.R.E. provides the comprehensive attest, accounting and fiscal management vital to Associations and we work closely with your designated manager: In-house or contracted management company.  By developing effective controls and transparent documentation boards work better, smarter and are more focused on their Association's needs.

Complexity made Simple

C.O.R.E. is ideally suited for Associations who want a partner dedicated to protecting the Associations' assets.  Our focus is on your needs as board members, managers and stakeholders, regardless of what service we offer to you.  Our goal is to make your involvement as simple as we can so you can focus on your mission.