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7 Tips for Managing Your Small Condominium Association

condo association management

Condominium association management can be a difficult task, especially for small-sized associations. Small condo associations have fewer members, a smaller operating budget, and fewer resources than bigger associations. As a result, effective condo association management calls for a certain set of abilities and approaches that are designed to satisfy the special requirements of small organizations. […]

Maximizing Productivity: 3 Proven Strategies for Streamlining HOA Board Meetings

Maximizing Productivity 3 Proven Strategies for Streamlining HOA

Looking to increase productivity in HOA Board Meetings?  As a member of a homeowners association (HOA) board, you understand how important it is to use your time effectively during board meetings. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for meetings to become bogged down in discussions and debates that waste time and prevent you from accomplishing your […]

5 Strategic Uses of a COA Reserve Fund

5 Strategic Uses of COA Reserve Funds

A Reserve fund is a crucial part of an HOA or COA’s financial plan. For every budget that is planned by a COA, a reserve fund is very much needed. “How much money should a COA have?” This question is often thrown to COA members. Similar to corporations and businesses, COAs utilize reserve funds to […]



An unpleasant but necessary community association task: the official violation letter. No matter what, HOA violations will occur at some point.  So what can be done to prepare for them?  How can one help prevent them? Whether you are a homeowner or a board member, understanding common violations and how to resolve them is necessary. […]

The Right Tools

For those association which are operated by their board ( as opposed to managed by an independent management company), having the right tools is critical to keeping your time commitment reasonable. We created our free (albeit you have to register) board management section on CORE’s website for you which has many tools to help you operate the […]