The Condo Audit in Portland

Condo Association Audit

Condo Audit Process

At C.O.R.E. we realize you are looking for a Condo CPA in Portland and so we focus on delivering a complete association audit in a timely manner.  Our workflow is designed to maximize our audit effectiveness while getting your financial statements turned around timely.

We work with your community manager to make sure that all your accounts are in balance and ready for the audit.

Our next step in the condo audit process is to draft the financial statements for the board to review.  We have found that having the financial statement, especially the footnote disclosures, available can help the association audit go faster and smoother.

Most of our association audit steps deal with gathering independently verifiable information - like bank confirmations.  This important audit step enables us to rely upon the actual amounts recorded to the association's trial balance for cash and investments.

Once we get to the conclusion steps of the association audit, we ask the board to review the financial statements if we have required changes and then to sign a board representation.  The manager also signs a representation letter stating their responsibilities.  We may also issue a findings letter which highlights things we found that could be corrected to help ensure that association assets are protected.

We then issue the financial statements and are available to discuss the findings and association audit with the board.  For the fastest and most reliable condo audit in Portland or if you are looking for a condo audit in Seattle also, click the box below to start the proposal process.