How to Find and Oversee a Great HOA Community Manager

How to Find and Oversee a Great HOA Community Manager

As homeowners, you may want to hire a community manager to oversee the activities in your neighborhood. Hiring the right community manager will allow you to enjoy everything your home offers without worrying about how they conduct their business.

There comes a time when you need to find and oversee a great community manager for your HOA. That’s where the following guide will help you out! Moreover, This overview of a few things that should be considered when finding and overseeing a great community manager.

What is an HOA?

HOA stands for Homeowners Association. An HOA is a type of community where the residents are typically owner-occupiers, and their association manages common areas such as streets, sidewalks, pools, garages, and other facilities. To join an HOA, you must be a property owner in the community and meet certain requirements (usually a certain income level).

If you’re interested in becoming an HOA community manager, there are a few things you’ll need to know:

  • It’s important to understand what an HOA is and what it does.
  • You’ll need to have knowledge of community management practices and protocols.
  • You’ll need to have a strong work ethic and be organized.

Why do you need a Community Manager?

Setting up and running a great homeowner’s association (HOA) is a time-consuming and ambitious task. It can be difficult to find the right person for the job, and even harder to keep them on board. A good community manager is essential for ensuring that the HOA runs smoothly and that members feel involved in its workings.

Here are five reasons why you need a community manager:

They keep the peace

Community managers are responsible for preventing or resolving disputes between members. If there’s ever any conflict between neighbors, the community manager is the first person who will know about it. This means that they have to be able to communicate well with all of their constituents, no matter how contentious their disagreements might be.

They foster communication and collaboration

Communities are built together through communication and collaboration between homeowners. The best community managers ensure all members have access to the information they need to participate in the community. They also encourage homeowners to work together towards common goals, whether keeping the neighborhood looking good or maintaining the safety of everyone living there.

They keep everything running smoothly

Community managers ensure that everything that needs to be done gets done, and they keep all members informed throughout the entire process. Community managers ensure that all members know what is happening throughout their community to stay on top of any problems or concerns.

They make sure that everything is working as it should

The pride and ownership of homeowners in their communities are evident when members are happy with how things are going in their neighborhoods. This is a crucial component; if homeowners don’t have confidence in their management team and community leaders, something will always be amiss enough to create friction between homeowners.

They offer advice when needed

Community managers help homeowners deal with issues that might arise from time to time by offering suggestions and advice. Whether it is to solve a problem or advise on a project, they are there to be consulted by homeowners.

Ultimately, this means that the community manager is always willing to help when things go awry in the community or when something needs to be maintained and repaired.

Who should be your community manager?

There’s no single answer to this question, as the best candidate for the job will vary depending on the community and its size. However, some qualities a good community manager should have include: excellent communication skills, knowledge of the community’s demographics and interests, experience working with homeowners associations, and a passion for residents.

Checklist for HOA Community Managers

When appointing a community manager, it is important to follow a checklist.

The following are 5 key items to consider when appointing a community manager:

  • Experience in the community association world
  • Knowledge of local laws and regulations
  • Ability to communicate effectively with residents and board members
  • Writing skills
  • Organizational skills

Why HOA Community Managers Should Be Interviewed

The role of a community manager has become increasingly important as more homeowners associations (HOAs) adopt a community management model. This type of organization aims to give residents a sense of ownership and responsibility for their community. This is in contrast to the traditional model, in which HOAs manage property and activities on behalf of the members.

Community managers oversee the community’s overall function and keep members happy. They are often responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with members, managing communication, and developing policies and procedures. Community managers should be well-versed in community regulations and have a good understanding of member needs and wants.

To find the best candidate for the community manager role, HOAs should interview candidates thoroughly. The following are tips for conducting an effective interview:

  • Ask questions that will help you understand the candidate’s qualifications. It is important to understand what experience the candidate has in community management and specific knowledge about the HOA industry.
  • Ask about the candidate’s approach to problem-solving. It is important to understand how the candidate approaches conflict resolution and how they handle difficult situations.
  • Ask about the candidate’s strengths. HOAs need to understand the candidate’s personality.
  • Ask about the candidate’s weaknesses. HOAs need to be aware of the areas in which the candidate may need improvement.
  • Ask about the candidate’s communication skills and how they would approach using technology for communicating with members.
  • Ask about what the candidate thinks of community management as a profession, their career goals, and whether they want to start a family after completing the position as community manager in an HOA.


Finding and selecting a great HOAs community manager can be one of the most important steps you take as an owner or property manager. Ensuring that your community is well-managed and compliant with all regulations can go a long way in preserving your reputation and keeping residents happy.

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