Impact of an HOA on Both Home Buyers and Sellers

Impact of an HOA on Both Home Buyers and Sellers

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably dream of one day owning a home in your community. If you are in the market to buy a home, you might have heard a variety of things about HOA (Home Owner Associations) and how they can add to or detract from the overall value of a property. But is that the case, do HOAs impact the property value of a home? This article will explore the impacts an HOA can have on home values and what new home buyers should consider. We will also discuss the downside of a bad financial standing with an HOA. So whether you’re an existing homeowner or a new buyer considering purchasing in your community, be aware of the potential risks before making any decisions.

HOA in bad financial standing

Since HOAs were created to protect homeowners and their properties, it is essential to know how a bad financial standing HOA affects homebuyers. A study by Forbes found that since 2006, when banks began rate-shifting away from HOAs, 168 out of 224 HOAs in foreclosure or some stage of delinquency have seen a drop in home values. This is likely because many potential homebuyers shy away from purchasing a home where the homeowner’s association might struggle financially.

While it’s essential for homeowners to take care of their associations through regular dues payments and Investments, if the HOA is facing significant financial difficulties, this can have negative consequences for both buyers and sellers. When an HOA is in bad financial standing, it often has trouble making its vendor payments, which can lead to a negative credit rating and the potential need to file for bankruptcy. Additionally, delinquent dues can damage the reputation of the HOA. In some cases, this can even cause a sharp decrease in home values within an HOA, again when the financial solvency is in question or needed building/property repairs are put off due to lack of funds.

While there are certainly some benefits to having an excellent financial standing HOA (including increased property values and safety), it’s always important to weigh these benefits against any possible drawbacks before purchasing a home within an association.

The effects of an HOA in bad financial standing on new home buyers

An HOA in bad financial standing can hurt the value of homes within the community. When an HOA faces financial difficulties, it may be unwilling or unable to make necessary repairs or maintenance, leading to deterioration and loss of property value. Additionally, an HOA with a poor financial standing may be less able to provide funding for desirable amenities for residents. When financial strains are prolonged the negative impact can affect the overall quality of life within the community and reduce the desire for people to move into that community.

Surprisingly, many home buyers in HOAs may not be aware that their homeowners’ association (HOA) has a negative financial standing. Why?  Even though HOA managers are required to send out the financial status yearly, not everyone who receives them actually read the reports.  We suggest you always stay abreast of the financial health of your HOA.  Having precarious financial standing can hurt the value of the homes in an HOA and make it difficult for existing home owners to sell their property.

A bad financial standing means that the HOA is not meeting its obligations to its members, such as paying property taxes, vendors or perhaps making needed repairs. If this situation continues, it could lead to the HOA needing to file for bankruptcy.

This can severely impact homeowners who are already struggling to meet their monthly mortgage payments as in many cases special assessments are added to help get the HOA out of financial trouble. New home buyers may also be discouraged from buying a home in an HOA if they know that their investment could be at risk if the HOA goes into debt.

If you are worried about your HOA’s financial status, you can take steps to protect yourself and your investment. You can contact your HOA board members and ask about the organization’s finances. You can also contact your state housing finance agency if you think your HOA may be in trouble.

Reduced Interest in Homes Because of Potential Dues Increases

If there are problems with the common areas or services provided by the HOA, this could lower the interest of your home, resulting in lower asking prices or the need to reduce the asking price after you list the home. For example, a problem with the pool or landscaping could lead potential buyers to believe that the neighborhood isn’t as desirable as others and may require you to lower the price to generate interest.  Also, poor community conditions could be a warning sign that monthly dues are going to go up soon.

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking to buy a new home, it’s essential to know the impact the HOA’s financial standing based on the case we’ve made here in this article. If you are part of an HOA that is in debt or foreclosure, it could mean big problems for you and your team when it comes time to sell your home.

A poorly managed HOA can cause property values within its borders to decline, which means that homeowners may find themselves in a bad negotiating position when they attempt to sell their homes.

When buying a home, be sure to do your research and consult a real estate professional who can help you navigate the complicated world of HOAs and make sure to consider how you can be affected both from a mortgage and due payment perspective, so you are negotiating from a well-informed position.

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