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For the past decade, the CORE team has been providing sound financial services to condo associations throughout the United States. We are recognized for managing our clients’ financial and budget issues with professionalism and attention to detail that enhances their condo associations’ financial stability, along with the responsive service that has helped make us the USA condo association accounting leader.

When you partner with our company, our accounting and finance professionals provide your association with full-service financial services and specialized programs to help your association handle member assessments, pay vendors on time, budget for reserve projects, and more.

To ensure accuracy, our team utilizes a reliable checks and balances system, providing additional peace of mind.

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Accounting and Financial Services We Specialize In:

John and Doug had a vision, to offer condominium and homeowner associations a service dedicated to fraud detection and elimination. Their years of practice has provided far too many examples of poor behavior and outright actions which were detrimental to associations.

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Financial Statements

Whether you need a simple cash basis financial statement or a complete GAAP financial statement, we can create the financial statements that you need.

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ACH Processing

With ACH collections your members will have the choice to have the dues come directly out of their bank account at the same time each month. ACH saves the Association time and money, while giving the unit owners the convenience of not writing a check every month.

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Association Tax Preparation

All associations are required to file a tax return, but it is often an overlooked component of managing an association. At C.O.R.E. we prepare the tax return every year.

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Reserve Fund Reporting

Eventually all Association equipment and property needs to be replaced. We can ensure that the reserve fund is accounted for each month.

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Control Procedures

Control procedures are designed to help with both accountability and reduce fraud. These procedures can include: separation of accounting duties, access controls, audits, standardized documentation procedures, trial balances, periodic reconciliation and a multi-process approval sytsem for purchases.

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Check Collection Processing

we can provide collection and deposit services, so that unit owner payments are processed in a timely and secure manner.

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Vendor Payment Processing

Retaining good vendors is helped by ensuring that they are paid timely if the work was completed to the satisfaction of the Association. The controls that are put into place for your association, ensure that vendors are paid timely upon proper authorizations.

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Budget Preparation

Budgets aren’t always as easy as copying last year’s budget and adding a few more dollars to each category. Budgeting is the first step in effective controls for an association. Effective budgeting means anticipating what type and level of service the association expects in the next fiscal year. We can help develop the association develop the budget so that it can be understood by the unit owners and to give management clear instructions on how association funds should be spent.

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Board Support and Consulting

We are here to help our clients with Support and Consulting services, from making major changes to planning for the future. Having an experienced team to lean on can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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PO Box Setup

For new Associations or those looking to make a managerial or structural change, we offer PO Box Setup.

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Mail Collection Services

A PO Box can be setup for your association so that any correspondence and payments are sent to a PO Box dedicated to your association. With a PO Box set up for the association, board members don’t have to use their personal address for Association business. Association documents can be processed and recorded in a timely manner.

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Accounts Receivable

We keep track of debts owed to the COA/HOA, including assesments and fees.

Experienced USA Condo Association Accounting

We understand the Association’s finances are an integral part of the community therefore it is important for us to help our clients understand the finances, identify areas of concern, and find solutions to help protect the financial integrity of the Association and the Owners’ investment. Our services are proven and have helped many Condo Associations regain their financial stability.

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We are the answer to your condo associations accounting needs. Whether your immediate concerns involve taxes, payroll, bookkeeping or audits, it is worth your while to seek the services of C.O.R.E.


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